Akiro Construction and Supply Corporate Objectives

Akiro Construction and Supply is focused mainly in building long term commitments both to public and private partners while providing expertise in the horizontal and vertical construction works, prefabricated material supplies, agro-industrial businesses as well as advance engineering technologies both coming from local and international system providers solely to achieve environment friendly economic opportunities. Our company will augment the use of green technology in all its’ construction and engineering works and bolster Philippines economic growth in agriculture, as well as construction and development while promoting the advocacy of protecting mother earth.

Core Values

  1. Commitment – We adhere to our responsibility and pledge towards excellence in everything we do.
  2. Environment-friendly – We have a commitment to sustainability, and believe in practices that positively affect the environment.
  3. Passion – The fuel that moves us towards the accomplishment of our goals.
  4. Quality – A frame of mind that continuously seeks character in the highest form for all its nature and attributes.
  5. Integrity – We value relationships based on integrity and respect.
  6. Unconventional – Thinking without the box, we innovate ways far from the common way and create breakthrough results, and stand out.
  7. Synergy – We believe in teamwork, the adventure of minds working together harmoniously to produce creative solutions.

Our Mission

To provide products and services to clients through continuous technical advancement using concepts and designs that provide space efficiency optimization, contribute energy conservation, generate revenue benefits while promoting a safe and sustainable environment.

Our Vision

Firsthand, envisioning to become a Triple-A contructor with above average technical capabilities and technical know-how and eventually become one of the market leaders.

Secondly, to be recognized as the leading agro-industrial and construction engineering innovators and designer in the Philippines, providing specific solutions for specific market demand in farm technologies, water and wastewater, alternative energy, construction and off-shore mining using quality yet cost-effective technologies.